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About Us

PAI Medical Group Nashville is located in Brentwood, 8 miles south of Nashville, TN off of Exit 74B. We are 20 minutes from Nashville International Airport (BNA). Our address is 9000 Church Street East, Building B, Suite 201, Brentwood, TN 37027

PAI Medical Nashville, also known as, is one of several PAI Medical Group hair transplant centers in the United States and Canada. PAI Medical Nashville has been serving patients for over 19 years and is one of the most established hair restoration practices in the southeast. Co-developer of Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, the Nashville Center has been featured on the Better Business Bureau's T.V. show "The Consumer's Edge" as well as Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates.

As one of the most respected and sought after hair transplant practices in the country, PAI Nashville is proud of the reputation it has built. PAI Medical Nashville is one of a growing number of PAI Medical clinics across the United States and Canada. Locate a PAI Medical center near you today.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Jeffrey Waesche, M.D. - Hair Transplant Surgeon / Medical Director / Head of Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Waesche

Dr. Waesche has over 35 years of surgical experience. For the last 16 he has focused entirely on hair transplant surgery. As a young physician he had several family members who struggled with hair loss. One of them had hair restoration surgery and was delighted with the experience and permanent, natural results.  This and Dr. Waesche's sincere interest in helping people drew him into the hair transplant and treatment field.  His years of surgical experience and surgical skill coupled with his intense interest in helping others drew him into the field.  "I enjoy surgery and have always had a strong desire make peoples lives better," says Dr. Waesche.  He adds, "In the hair restoration field I'm helping men and women through a difficult emotional time.  My patients aren't physically sick - but they're struggling with a difficult emotional and psychological issue - hair loss."

Dr. Waesche's surgical artistry in hair restoration ensures each patient receives optimum care and the best and most natural hair transplant result. Dr. Waesche is known within the PAI Organization as the surgeon that goes above and beyond to help each and every patient reach their hair restoration goals. He has set numerous hair transplant records within the organization. "Today patients are able to take advantage of the best technology and advances in hair restoration” says Dr. Waesche.

As a Hair Transplant surgeon and specialist Dr. Waesche has spent the last 16 years helping men and women dealing with hair loss.  He is especially gifted at understanding the face as a whole and how hair, especially the hair line, plays such an important role in the patient’s overall appearance.  "The hair line is the frame of the face. Without a good, natural hairline, the face is out of proportion," adds Dr. Waesche.  By understanding the entire face, Dr. Waesche can essentially re-sculpt the hair and hair line to optimize the rest of the patient’s facial features and create a balanced view that is appealing and completely natural.

Facts about Jeffery Waesche, M.D.

  • 15 years of hair transplant surgery experience.
  • 35 years of surgical experience.
  • Performs ONLY hair transplantation.
  • Co-developed PAI's Multi-unit Hair Grafting™ procedure.
  • Completed over 3,600 hair transplant procedures.
  • Holds several PAI Company records
  • Active member of the Prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Michael Ramsey, MBA/HCM  - Clinic Director - Partner - Trichologist - Medical Consultant

Michael RamseyMichael has been the clinic director and partner with PAI Medical for over 19 years.  He oversees operations for PAI Medical Group - Nashville. He is a transplant patient and senior medical consultant for PAI Medical Nashville. He is a Trichologist (Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.)  Michael also holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and Management as well a a Masters Degree / MBA in Health Care Management.

He has taught and written extensively about hair restoration and hair treatment technologies.  He is considered to be a "thought leader" in the filed of hair restoration and treatment and opened the first PAI Medical Group office in the United States. He has lectured at the International Society of Hair Restoration Society meetings.  He is a regular attendee and contributor of the annual International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. In June of 2014 he will host his own radio show dealing with hair loss and hair treatments on 99.7 being broadcast out of Nashville, T.N..

Michael started losing his hair at 30 and decided to have a hair transplant. Unfortunately, back in 1990 when he had his transplant, the technology of the day did not deliver a natural result. The skilled surgeons at PAI Medical Group corrected this older transplant procedure. Today Michael enjoys a full and natural head of hair. Watch a video of Michael's own hair transplant story.

 Angela Scanlan, B.S. Marketing / Certified Medical Assistant / Medical Consultant

Angela serves as PAI's Patient Care Director and Medical Consultant.. She's a certified surgical technologist and helps direct all patient care services. She is also a member marketing and advertising team for PAI Medical Nashville.  Angela's integrity and intense interest in each patient's well-being shine's through every thing she does.  As a certified Trighologist she is able to help men and women dealing with hair loss. Her passion for helping others and 18 years of experience in the field of hair restoration gives her a unique advantage to guide and direct patients through their hair restoration journey. 

All Hair Transplants are guaranteed to grow following the operation, provided that the patient followed all pre and postoperative instructions.

If certain hairs failed to grow and the patient has met these conditions, PAI Medical Group of Nashville will re-transplant the missing hairs free of charge during a subsequent session.

To ensure these conditions are met, it is highly recommended that the patient follow a postoperative treatment program, not only to reinforce the newly transplanted hairs but also to help maintain the original ones.