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Jan 02

DHT Blockers

Posted in Alternatives to Surgery

PAI Medical Group/ offers an all natural supplement to help block the enzyme 5-AlphaReductase from converting Testosterone to Dihydro-testosterone (DHT) which is the culprit responsible for pattern baldness. Along with the recommended non-surgical treatment program, which is a comprehensive program incorporating the LLLT (low level light therapy) and a daily treatment regimen, the all natural DHT blocker is stronger than Propecia, which is known to produce unwanted side effects. PAI ‘s all natural supplement option has no contraindications and no side effects associated with it, making it safe and effective to help slow down and/or stop future hairloss while promoting optimal health of the hair and scalp.

All MUHG Hair Transplants are guaranteed to grow following the operation, provided that the patient followed all pre and postoperative instructions.

If certain hairs failed to grow and the patient has met these conditions, PAI Medical Group of Nashville will re-transplant the missing hairs free of charge during a subsequent session.

To ensure these conditions are met, it is highly recommended that the patient follow a postoperative treatment program, not only to reinforce the newly transplanted hairs but also to help maintain the original ones.