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Eyebrow Transplants

We'll help give you the brows you were meant to have

Eyebrows are a major facial feature and they make a difference in one's appearance. In addition to protecting the eyes, they frame the face and help us to communicate better with facial expression. Many women suffer with thin or transparent eyebrows from over-plucking, genetic loss through the aging process, or were just born with thin, even non-existent eyebrows. Today, with our modern eyebrow transplants a man or a woman can have thick lush eyebrows in one procedure. Are you tired of masking your thin, uneven, or ill-shapen brows? Get ready to do something permanent to finally put an end to the eyebrow pencils, stencils, tattoos and cosmetics.

The Eyebrow Transplant Benefit

  • Simple out-patient procedure
  • Create the look you want
  • Rich, lasting results you can enjoy every time you look into the mirror, or someone else looks at you admiringly
Eyebrow Transplant Before and After

PAI Medical eyebrow transplant patient Renee and her dramatic before and after results.

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"We recently did a beautiful and elegant female model who’d damaged her eyebrows as a young girl,” says Michael Ramsey, Clinic Director for PAI Medical Nashville. Mr. Ramsey adds, “One half of one eyebrow was completely gone so she had no choice but to pencil them in before leaving home each morning. She found PAI Medical Group and now her brows are filling in nicely. Soon she will be able to go all-natural with little to no pencil at all. She is thrilled!"

Renee says, “It was so easy, I went in and the doctor and I designed my eyebrows with a marker first. Then, he gave me a mild sedative to relax me. Before I knew it, we were done and I was on my way to Florida for vacation.”

According to Renee’s eyebrow transplant doctor, “The eyebrows take a special touch. I use very fine, soft hairs and angle them flat against the brow so they look natural.”

See a video of Renee’s actual procedure below:

Watch Renee's Eyebrow Procedure

See Renee's before and after photos and video of her actual procedure. From the start of her eyebrow design through the actual procedure to her end results, you'll see and experience what it's like to have an eyebrow transplant.

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All MUHG Hair Transplants are guaranteed to grow following the operation, provided that the patient followed all pre and postoperative instructions.

If certain hairs failed to grow and the patient has met these conditions, PAI Medical Group of Nashville will re-transplant the missing hairs free of charge during a subsequent session.

To ensure these conditions are met, it is highly recommended that the patient follow a postoperative treatment program, not only to reinforce the newly transplanted hairs but also to help maintain the original ones.