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Female Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are for women too!

Hair loss is not just a problem for men. Many women are burdened with hair loss and often feel they have nowhere to turn. Look to us. We have helped thousands of women make the decision to do something permanent about their hair loss.  Whether your hair loss is a result of genetics, age, diffuse pattern balding, scarring, or some other factors, we offer the expertise, experience and skill to treat females who suffer from hair loss. 

Although some women are not candidates for hair transplantation, PAI Medical's exclusive Multi-Unit Hair Grafting technique increases the odds that you will be eligible for this life changing procedure.

Start with a free private consultation to find out if you are a candidate for hair transplantation. We will evaluate your particular situation and recommend a plan that fits your needs.

  • Free, private consultation
  • Guaranteed Results
  • More hair transplanted per session with the Multi Unit Hair Grafting performed by a doctor that specializes in hair transplantation only
Female Hair Transplant Patient Results - Amy Eckles

PAI Medical Hair Transplant Patient Amy Eckles and her dramatic before and after results.

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Finance Options

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All MUHG Hair Transplants are guaranteed to grow following the operation, provided that the patient followed all pre and postoperative instructions.

If certain hairs failed to grow and the patient has met these conditions, PAI Medical Group of Nashville will re-transplant the missing hairs free of charge during a subsequent session.

To ensure these conditions are met, it is highly recommended that the patient follow a postoperative treatment program, not only to reinforce the newly transplanted hairs but also to help maintain the original ones.